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Your Requirement. Our Passion.

We create innovative software solutions built on open technologies. From straightforward websites to full-scale web driven client/server systems, developed from the ground or built upon proven open source software platforms.

We don't expect you to know the technical details of what you need or the best approach towards its creation. You may not be aware of the extent to which technology could benefit your organisation. So we always start with a conversation.

Your challenge is about function, form or a combination; simplifying workflow, automating complex processes or presenting an appropriate image to generate exposure. We choose appropriate technologies and craft elegant software solutions, leveraging creative talents in design, media and language as required. Throughout, we carefully consider your future growth as well as immediate needs; we're keen to build peerless working relationships so your success is ours. How >>>

How we build

We start with a blend of traditional and modern development methodologies, systematic approaches towards fully understanding your requirements. The balance depends upon a project's scale and complexity. Large-scale client/server information systems - with complex information flows and varying requirements across numerous stakeholders - require a more traditional, systems analysis and design led approach. For smaller-scale systems - which can still be functionally or visually complex - we prefer rapid prototyping in a loosely Agile approach.

Where appropriate apps, sites and systems are built with industry standard open source platforms, leveraging open web standards & protocols. For more complex systems, our servers expose secure or public access using proven methods such as microservices and REST interfaces. These can be leveraged by web clients (ie. the browser), native clients (eg. Android/iOS applications) or 3rd party systems. Specifics are governed by a range of factors including security, performance and functional requirements.

Should a case exist for the development of client/server components completely outside the internet model, we can advise and develop on that basis. Hybrid solutions are also possible. The usual reasons for such choices are performance in large-scale data-processing situations, communication with legacy systems or particular security requirements.

Sites, Systems. Or a mix.

Websites built on open CMS with bespoke design/presentationfrom £750

Ideal for startups and smaller businesses needing a professional web presence with the facility to adjust and add content to sections of the site.

We use a CMS (Content Management System) as the engine room for your site and services, building upon it a bespoke design and the facilities you need. The CMS provides many of the basic facilities needed for web development including: uniform page design, site menus, user access levels and content editors, blog/news/contact pages and more. This allows us to focus on content, design and details, keeping time and costs down.

  • Design and function appropriate to requirements
  • Responsive layouts for convenient mobile/tablet access
  • Domains, hosting, email, configuration and other technical details included
  • Functional capabilities & restrictions dictated by the CMS platform
  • Lower cost and delivery time (typically 1+ weeks)

Tap/click the icons to find out more about what we use for building sites. We're happy to work with other CMS's as well.

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From £750

Specialist, hand-coded websites built from the ground with bespoke designfrom £1,400

For larger organisations or those in rapid growth with particular requirements not ideally suited to off-the-shelf CMS platforms. Ground-up sites have distinct advantages: complete control over all aspect of site behaviour, performance and function; and complete ownership of the codebase, allowing your site's web services to grow upon a stable platform into the future.

  • All the potential benefits of our CMS builds with greater freedoms and practically no functional restrictions
  • Elegant and maintainable with reduced dependency on third party components
  • Higher performance and better SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • The facility to build "APIs" allowing other systems to access site information and functions through software, services or devices.
  • Higher cost and delivery time

Perhaps your organisation has outgrown it's CMS-based site but you want to keep your design language or branding? We can peel design elements from your existing site (modernising as required) towards a new, ground-up build. Get in touch to find out more.

Tap/click below to find out more about the technologies we use for building websites and services - we use others too!

View a selection of sites we've built, or start a conversation with our form below.

From £1,400

Systems built ground-up, web-based, leveraging internet or secure networksfrom £2,500

For those with a particular workflow or business process challenge, we develop completely custom software solutions built atop web technologies where appropriate. We carry out a detailed analysis of your organisation's needs and infrastructure, building modular systems which maximise efficiency and cost benefits.

Systems are built from the ground and to your exact requirements, to include security, performance, functional and usability considerations. A system could include website(s), apps or administrative components leveraged by the web browser through web-apps, bespoke desktop applications or mobile apps. We build with proven, industry standard open technologies; Linux servers and modern web clients. Technical info...

Systems typically involve Client and Server components. For servers we build on Linux with Nginx, PostgreSQL and REDIS, Node.js, Deno and Go, PHP & frameworks including Symfony and Laravel, and low level C/C++/Rust as required. On the client side we work with Typescript/JS, Android/Java and C/C++ in addition to numerous frameworks including Tailwind/UnoCSS, VueJS and React/Next.

We've been developing software solutions for government, military and finance sectors since before the internet era. We're proud of our attention to detail, engineering approach, technical and communication skills. Together we can build almost anything you can imagine.

View a selection of systems we've built, or get in touch to find out what we can build for you today.

From £2,500

Apps: Mobile or Web.

In addition to the development of web-based sites and services, we build mobile apps that work with them. We build both native and web-apps depending upon specific requirements and budget.

Native apps run stand-alone, may be coupled to a web- or server-based service, and are built for each mobile platform. Web-apps require access to an online service, are driven by web technologies on the mobile device and run on all platforms. More >>>

We develop web and native Android apps in-house. We work closely with our partners to deliver apps on other platforms, eg. iOS, Windows Phone or hybrid solutions. Web-apps are multi-platform by design and work across all common mobile platforms. Further details...

Web-apps & Front-ends

The browser is a flexible interface for user access to a back-end system. Advantages:

  • Flexible access: In-office or remote, secure internet or private network
  • Almost limitless device compatibility: Smartphone, tablet and optionally laptop and desktop PC
  • Beautiful, consistent interfaces: Functional, aesthetically modern and highly customisable
  • Rapid development: Initial prototypes evolve into live systems with the possibility for ongoing improvement
  • Lower cost: No need to develop for different platforms
  • Futureproofing: Web-based technologies are unlikely to outdate, mitigating future redevelopment and support costs

Web-apps require server connectivity to function, either locally (intranet at business premises), via private or virtual-private network (VPN) or on the web. Web-apps can be very secure but are not able to run stand-alone.

Native apps

Built from the ground up using the appropriate technologies for the target platform. For Android, apps are built in Java (we can also build low-level modules using the NDK/C/C++ as necessary). For iOS, apps are built in Objective-C. Advantages:

  • Stand-alone: Can be run on handsets with or without server connectivity
  • Unrestricted capability: Full access to all hardware available on the device: sensors, camera, bluetooth etc.
  • High performance: Runs at the native speed of the target platform

Prices depend on specific requirements; web-apps can be built for as little as £600, whereas native apps start at £1,500 per-platform. In addition there may be server side development and running costs.

Who Are You?

Like to start a conversation? Due to the almost limitless possibilities and exacting requirements you may have for your sites, services and apps, we'd like to know a little about you to get going. Please take a moment to tell us about yourself; we'll get back to you within a day or so.

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We specialise in wealth management for Doctors and Dentists. Queensgate Studios built a site to showcase us and allow our advisers to regularly inform clients about financial matters which matter to them.

Laurence Newman, Legal and Medical Investments Ltd., UK

We needed Android support for Flexicall, a system designed around legacy Windows Mobile 6 devices. Queensgate Studios delivered on time and on budget.

Cuda Drinks Co., Plymouth, UK

As a creative photographer, I wanted a responsive website with a unique style to showcase and sell my work. Seb delivered a beautiful site that also works brilliantly on phones and tablets.

Pam West, H-Pinkness Photography, Brighton, UK

We design documentation systems for emergency, first response and global industries. Queensgate Studios built our online presence, ordering system and EDIS, our first electronic system.

Carl Wallin, CWC Services, UK