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What We Do

At Queensgate Studios we create innovative software products and solutions for diverse business, government & media sectors and provide a range technical services to that end.

Read more about our values and mission statement here, take a look at some of our existing products and range of individual services below, and find out about our building sites, systems and apps to your exact requirements by taking a look at our development section.

Sites, Systems & Apps

We design and build using best of class open source platforms where appropriate, adopting systems analysis & design principles to ensure your needs are understood and met. Web development and design from the ground or atop open CMS's (eg. Wordpress/Joomla), mobile apps or modular information systems with desktop, mobile, or secure web components.

Whether you need secure private or public facing sites and systems, our solutions are elegant, modular and extensible.

Click or tap below to take a look at some of our creations:


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Our Services

To find out how we build sites, apps and systems to your exact requirements, check out our development section.

As part of our development skills portfolio, we also offer the following services individually:

Get in touch to find out more about the services we offer.

We needed Android support for Flexicall, a system designed around legacy Windows Mobile 6 devices. Queensgate Studios delivered on time and on budget.

Cuda Drinks Co., Plymouth, UK

We design documentation systems for emergency, first response and global industries. Queensgate Studios built our online presence, ordering system and EDIS, our first electronic system.

Carl Wallin, CWC Services, UK

We specialise in wealth management for Doctors and Dentists. Queensgate Studios built a site to showcase us and allow our advisers to regularly inform clients about financial matters which matter to them.

Laurence Newman, Legal and Medical Investments Ltd., UK

As a creative photographer, I wanted a responsive website with a unique style to showcase and sell my work. Seb delivered a beautiful site that also works brilliantly on phones and tablets.

Pam West, H-Pinkness Photography, Brighton, UK