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About EDIS

EDIS (Emergency Data Interchange System) has been fully developed in-house at Queensgate Studios for CWC Services. Comprising server and mobile components, it is an information collection, enquiry and communication system designed for scenarios where people and/or items need to be tracked, traced or identified through an evolving incident or situation.

Applications for the system include:

  • Emergency Response for small or large scale incidents
  • Hospital Patient Evacuation, both planned and unplanned
  • Mass-Evacuation of People, for example to Emergency Rest Centre facilities
  • Multi-Disciplinary/Organisational Team Management where patients/clients are attended to by disparate organisations or teams

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EDIS has been developed for and is exclusively distributed by CWC Services, world leaders in the supply and development of Emergency Documentation systems. Click here to view CWC Services' EDIS product pages.

Though designed for healthcare, emergency response and patient tracking, EDIS technology is potentially applicable across a range of other industry sectors. We are keen to adapt the system for other organisations who would find the system beneficial; some examples being education, policing and logistics.

If you think EDIS technology could be beneficial to your organisation please use our contact form or email us to get in touch. For a demonstration or enquiries relating to emergency patient response please contact CWC Services to start the conversation!

We needed Android support for Flexicall, a system designed around legacy Windows Mobile 6 devices. Queensgate Studios delivered on time and on budget.

Cuda Drinks Co., Plymouth, UK

We design documentation systems for emergency, first response and global industries. Queensgate Studios built our online presence, ordering system and EDIS, our first electronic system.

Carl Wallin, CWC Services, UK

We specialise in wealth management for Doctors and Dentists. Queensgate Studios built a site to showcase us and allow our advisers to regularly inform clients about financial matters which matter to them.

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As a creative photographer, I wanted a responsive website with a unique style to showcase and sell my work. Seb delivered a beautiful site that also works brilliantly on phones and tablets.

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